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Dry Cleaning 
Yuma, AZ

Providing the World's Only 100% Environmentally Non-Toxic Dry Cleaning Process

Lapels Yuma, AZ

2595 South 4th Ave Suite 2

Yuma, AZ 85364

Hours of Operation

Monday: 7AM-7PM

Tuesday: 7AM-7PM

Wednesday: 7AM-7PM

Thursday: 7AM-7PM

Friday: 7AM-7PM

Saturday: 10AM-3PM

Sunday: Closed

Your Professional 
Dry Cleaners

Welcome to Lapels Cleaners, where your satisfaction is our top priority. With a commitment to delivering a seamless buying experience, our dedicated team strives to make your life easier by providing top-notch garment care at your convenience. Serving our community with pride, we build trust through our unparalleled customer service.

At Lapels Cleaners, we offer a comprehensive range of expert garment care services, including dry cleaning, shirt laundry, alterations, wash & fold, bulk laundry, and leather and suede cleaning. Additionally, we cater to household items like comforters, blankets, mattress pads, sheets, and tablecloths, along with specialized services such as wedding gown cleaning and preservation.

Enjoy the convenience of our pickup and delivery services, available for your home, apartment building, condo complex, or office. Some of our locations even offer 24/7 locker services, ensuring that your garment care needs are met on your schedule. Join us at Lapels Cleaners and experience the ease and quality care you deserve.

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GreenEarth Cleaning

Dry cleaning doesn't have to be harsh to be effective. GreenEarth cleans to a higher standard. It helps protect the clothes we wash and the communities we live in. You can see the difference for yourself, whites don't yellow, fabrics stay soft and colors don't fade, even with repeated cleanings. With GreenEarth, there is no shrinkage. So clothes retain their correct size and shape!

Because our cleaning process is based on pure silicone, rather than petroleum, you never have to worry about any dry cleaning odor. Your clothes will look dry cleaned. But never smell like it.

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Expert Clothing Care Services

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Counter Service

Our professional staff is here to help you with all your garment care and cleaning needs. Please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions about our services.

Pick Up & Delivery

Pick-up and delivery service, at home or at the office.

Some Feedback From
Our Customers

Great customer service, garment turned out beautiful. I liked getting emails and text messages about my order. We will return.

Faith Klostreich

Excellent service. Friendly reps and quick turn around on cleaning. My quilt and pillows, We're fresh and clean and smelled good.

Carol Tracy

I'm very happy with my experiences at Lapels. My clothes always look perfect and the people there know me and greet me by name. I'm only there about once a month but I feel like a regular.

Kelly Gladney

After a month on the road the 2 comforters were in dire need of cleaning. 1 was a feather down the other was just wash and dry but I was tired of trying to find a place with clean washers with no residual detergent due to my sensitive skin. I knew Lapels was great for special care so took a chance and dropped it off. I am so happy with the final results, much better than my results in the past. Lapels has my business for my specialty and comforter cleaning needs from now on!! Thank you so much!!


Took shirt in to get tailored and came out perfect! Will definitely take clothes back for alterations again. Great staff!

Kyle Ramsay

Great service. Extremely efficient, courteous and helpful. Work was done in a timely manner. They went out of their way to help me with a couple of difficult projects, namely relining a leather jacket and repairing a suit bag. Glad to know they’re in the hood!

Maurine Higgins

Very polite worker who took my order and presented them to me. I was promised a date and time and they nailed it. Great job I will come back often

John Smith

This was a great experience. I will be using them for all my dry cleaning needs! Quick, reasonable, easy and excellent results.

Terri Kennedy

Great service, always so friendly. I have always received an email that my items were ready before promised. Will definitely continue to use them.

Christine Arsaga

Lapels (Yuma, AZ location) gets it done quickly and perfectly every single time. They're friendly too. If you need dry cleaning services, I'm not sure you could find a better one than these folks

Matt Yates