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Leather & Suede

Leather & Suede Cleaning Services From
Lapels Cleaners

Lapels Cleaners understands the unique care requirements of leather and suede items and provides specialized cleaning services to ensure their proper maintenance. Below are some details about our Leather and Suede service:

Professional Expertise

Lapels' team consists of highly skilled professionals who have expertise in handling leather and suede fabrics. We understand the specific care and cleaning methods required to effectively clean and preserve these materials.

Leather Coats and Jackets

Lapels can clean and refresh your leather coats and jackets. We employ appropriate techniques to remove dirt, stains, and odors while preserving the texture and appearance of the leather.

Leather Purses and Handbags

If you have leather purses or handbags that need cleaning, Lapels can take care of them. We use specialized methods to clean and rejuvenate leather accessories, helping to restore their original beauty.

Leather Gloves

Whether they're fashion gloves or functional ones, we can effectively clean and revitalize them.

Leather Pants

If you own leather pants that require cleaning, Lapels can handle this as well. We use appropriate techniques to clean leather pants, removing dirt and stains while ensuring the fabric's quality is maintained.

Suede Jackets

Suede jackets are another item that our experts can clean and care for. We have the knowledge and tools necessary to clean suede fabrics effectively, removing dirt and maintaining the softness and appearance of the suede.

The Leather & Suede

With Lapels' specialized Leather and Suede service, you can have peace of mind knowing that your cherished leather and suede items will receive the highest level of care and attention. Our team of experts at Lapels recognizes the delicate nature of these fabrics and employs the most suitable cleaning techniques to preserve their durability and allure.

To learn more about our Leather and Suede service, including pricing and availability at your nearest location, we recommend reaching out to your local Lapels for detailed information and any specific requirements or recommendations they may have for these exquisite items.

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When someone does a great job for you, you want to acknowledge it. I was in a hurry and had a problem I didn't think could be done. Thank you for taking care of this so quickly. I hope this review helps people come to you with their dry cleaning needs.

Carlos Rodriguez

I brought in a pair of custom designed tailor-made jeans that cost $488.00! The seamstress made me feel very comfortable; regarding the specific details pertaining to alterations I requested, without having to constitute her abilities. When I receive the jeans several days prior to the expected day of completion, the alterations were spot on! You just can't trust anyone to cut 3 inches off a pair of $500 jeans!!!!

Edmund Mallett

My daughter's wedding gown had been worn in the grass and a bit of mud, and was a mess. I took it to Lapels, and it was cleaned and returned just like new!

Judy Gibbs

Great dry cleaning. They do a great job, and are often ready before anticipated. Great communication too.

Wayne Darbonne

Convenient location and hours. Always fast and easy to drop off and pick up. On time as per pick-up date on ticket. Reasonable prices.

Brian Weiss

I have been bringing my dry cleaning items to Lapel's in North Andover for a few years now. The owner, Lan, is very polite, friendly and has many times offered helpful advice when I had questions or concerns. My order is always ready well before the promised date and done to complete satisfaction. I wouldn't think of going elsewhere!

Janice Otis

I recently had an alteration that I needed the next day. Isaid that I would wait. The young lady at the register, was very professional, very friendly and knowledgeable. As was her supervisor who completed the work skillfully, quickly, and at a excellent price. I have found a new place for all my Dry cleaning/Alteration needs.

Frank Sarrategui

They do a wonderful job with all my dry cleaning and are always able to accomodate late requests.

Timothy Elderkin

Wonderful staff. Very efficient service. My king comforter cleaned for 25 dollars. Amazing!!

Brenda Craig

Our washing machine broke last week, and Lapels was able to get our laundry done in less than 48 hours! We truly appreciate the excellent service, communication, and professionalism!

Amy Casher

Dry cleaning was the best experience ever. Not a problem and service was faster than most. The workers are all wonderful. Will never go elsewhere for service.

George Cangiano

Very easy to sign up online for drop off/ pick up services. Communication was fantastic- the entire process was seamless from start to finish. Will be using on a regular basis!

Andrea Christopoulos

I was so pleased with the experience I had at this place! The prices seemed fair seeing as there was a lot more work to do with my coat I dropped off than I had originally thought. The woman at the front who was still learning everything really was so great! Friendly and genuine!! This company is lucky to have such a great person behind their counter! The thoroughness the owner went through with her just tells me just how my items will be handled after I drop them off and I know their in good hands!! Thanks again!

Jenna Taylor

I had Lapels pick up pillows and bedspread's as well as blankets. They did an excellent job and I am very with the service they provided. Everything came back packaged which was great because I won't be using them right away. Even the packaging was good. I do recommend Lapels and will continue using them.

Angela Foresteire Dupont

Dog grooming business towels picked up washed, folded and returned in a timely fashion.

Liliana Magee

I am a customer of Lapels Dry Cleaning- Wilmington, MA. The quality of the work is exceptional. In addition, the customer service is great and the staff is very friendly. I highly recommend this store!

Hamady Dia

Best laundry service ever!! As a working mom (80 plus hours weekly) with four children (3 teenagers) this service has been extremely helpful. Thank you!

Gabrielle Coughlin