Lapels Dry Cleaning is powered by Green Earth Cleaning, which offers the Worlds ONLY 100% Environmentally Non-Toxic Dry Cleaning Solution, which is also non-allergenic and meets sustainable practices. How do we do it? We utilize liquefied sand (silicone) which, when released into the environment, breaks down naturally to sand and water – making it safe for the air, water, and soil. This process is also gentler on your garments which helps them last longer and, of course, has no odor.

Don’t be fooled by others offering “organic” or “eco-friendly” dry cleaning. Although “organic” is a great word when buying food it is not the same in dry cleaning. Many cleaners today offering “organic” cleaning are actually using a petrochemical and producing hazardous waste through a petroleum-based cleaning process.  Would you want your family exposed to such chemicals on their skin?