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Escape to the Great Outdoors Awaits!

Fabric Care Tips

June 28, 2024

Nature's whims can be unpredictable, but a well-waterproofed tent serves as a reliable refuge during unexpected storms. Ensure your tent is waterproofed annually to avoid any unwelcome puddles.

Here are some additional tips to keep your outdoor gear in top shape and ready for storage when colder weather returns:

Tent: Start the season by waterproofing your tent. Even on-site, open it up and apply a water repellent spray. Promptly patch any tiny holes to keep water and insects out.

Sleeping Bag: Most sleeping bags are washable, but always check care instructions first. Whether filled with down or fiber, wash them separately on a gentle cycle with warm water and detergent. Periodically stop the washer to expel air from the bag and ensure thorough cleaning. Tumble dry at regular temperatures, and consider adding a clean tennis ball to fluff the filling.

Backpack: Apply water repellent to your backpack to safeguard its contents from moisture. Watch for holes that could compromise its water resistance. Leather backpacks benefit from occasional saddle soap and moisturizing to prevent cracking.

Boots: Keep your feet dry and healthy by waterproofing and storing boots in a dry place. Preventing wet feet is crucial for avoiding discomfort and potential health issues.

Rainwear: Slickers and overboots are invaluable in the wild, but they can develop odors and bacterial films if not cared for properly. Ensure plastic ponchos are thoroughly dry before storing them for the season. For canvas rainwear, refresh the water repellent annually to maintain its effectiveness.

Camping offers a reprieve from daily hustle, connecting you with nature. Proper gear care ensures it remains reliable, allowing you to fully enjoy your summer adventures. Pack up, head out, and embrace the great outdoors with confidence!